Creech is:

A brand studio in New York creatively led by Ashley Jones and Griffin Creech. Our approach to branding and marketing is holistic, with an emphasis on strong visual aesthetic, compelling language, strategically thoughtful creative, and deep partnership with our clients.

Currently we are working on:

A beautiful robot that lives at your house, the most delicious and convenient coffee in the observable universe, plant chicken that might just be better than the real thing, convenient and complete nutrition for everybody, psychedelic wellness, skincare that’s really really natural, all star legal teams for all of us, and one or two other things we can’t talk about just yet.

Recently we helped:

Rebrand Athletic Greens, launch Cometeer Coffee, prove that you can Framebridge just about anything, bring Misfits Market out into the world, introduce better veterinary care to the pets and people of Los Angeles with Modern Animal, conceptualize and oversee the creative work for the Peloton IPO, put food at the center of a life-well lived with Food52's new brand for home and life called Five-Two, and many other launches, rebrands, and campaigns that we'd be happy to share at length.

At the moment, we are actively looking for new opportunities in:

Sustainable food and regenerative agriculture, societal-shifting technology and alternative energy, beauty innovation, non-destructive apparel and home goods, prefabricated homes and dwellings, space exploration, physical and mental wellness, and good ideas in other categories that we haven’t thought about yet, but you have/are.


Athletic Greens
Row 7
Misfits Market


New York
247 Centre St

Los Angeles