Creech is:

An independent creative studio in New York creatively led by Ashley Jones and Griffin Creech. Our approach to branding and marketing is holistic, with an emphasis on strong visual aesthetic, compelling language, strategically thoughtful creative, and deep partnership throughout every project. Our capabilities include brand strategy and positioning, design and identity, DTC and retail-ready packaging, web design, photography and film art direction and production, and brand advertising campaigns. Our clients range from pre-seed startups with big ambitions to Fortune 50 companies seeking a differentiated perspective from a small team with proven experience and business-shifting ideas.

Things we've worked on recently:

A complete rebranding and renaming of Athletic Greens to AG1 that led to the brand's explosive growth and its rise as one of the most influential nutrition companies, a renovation of NoBoundaries, one of Walmart's biggest and most design-minded Gen Z apparel brands with a new emphasis on style and sustainability, Book of the Month's most substantial brand evolution in its 87 year history, getting cult coffee favorite Cometeer retail-ready for its launch at Whole Foods, spreading the word about ByHeart - the only American-made infant formula to exclusively use 100% organic grassfed whole milk, and eye-catching and award-winning packaging and branding for Monastery, the clean beauty brand called "one of the most luxuriously effective botanical lines on the market" by Vogue, along with many other projects and case studies we'd be happy to take you through.

Things we're working on now:

An induction stove that boils water in 40 seconds and has its sights on a clean energy future, the most delicious fish you've never tasted, intelligent lighting that isn’t dumb, lung health, animal wellness, breathtaking diamonds that take about 999,000,000 less years to create, veggies in a bag that taste like they just came from the field, a first of its kind infant synbiotic to combat the growing pressures on the human gut microbiome, and one or two other things we can’t talk about just yet.

At the moment, we are actively looking for new opportunities in:

Sustainable food and regenerative agriculture, physical and mental wellness, societal-shifting technology and alternative energy, beauty innovation, thoughtful apparel and home goods, prefabricated homes and dwellings, space exploration, and good ideas in other categories that we haven’t thought about yet, but you have/are.


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